How To Check The Cash Value Of Your LIC ULIP Policy in Just 60 Seconds!

ULIP Policy NAV: If you ever asked yourself, How do you check the current cash value of your ULIP policy? Then keep reading. Most of us don’t know how to calculate the maturity value or current cash value. You just guess the value, right? or maybe calling your LIC agent every month to check the value.

Calculating the ULIP Policy NAV is not as difficult as you may think. In this article, we will show you how to do it in a few simple steps. By understanding how to calculate the current cash value of your policy, you can be better prepared for the future.

The first step is to find the current value of your investment. This can be found on your most recent statement from the insurance company. The second step is to calculate the fees that have been charged by the insurance company. These fees can be found in the policy contract. The third step is to subtract the fees from the current value of your investment. This will give you the current cash value of your ULIP policy.

In this Digital India, you can get all the information about your policy anytime from your smartphone itself. Now, no need to call your agent or visit the branch.

To know the current cash value of your ULIP policy, you need to know the number of units you have. I hope you already know how many units you have in your policy.

LIC sends a separate letter to your postal address with the unit allotment details after bond papers are issued. If you are unable to find the allotted units, you can register on LIC Website. Once you have your account registered, you can enroll all your policies in your account to have a glance at all your policy in one place. To Enroll, you must have all your policy details handy. ie. Policy Number.

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Once you know the units, visit the LIC NAV page at and locate the policy NAV.

For example:

Let’s assume you have 50,000 units of Market Plus 1 Growth fund.

  • Now we need to check today’s NAV.
  • At the time of writing Market Plus, 1’s NAV was Rs.23/unit (As of 8th August 2017)
  • Hence Current Cash value: 50000 x 23= 1150000

Your current Cash value will be Rs.1150000/-

As you know, NAV may go up or may go down as per the market condition. It’s good to keep checking the cash value of your investment once in six months.

Other ways to check your policy NAV

Your Branch: Your Branch will be able to tell you the exact value of your policy. Please contact your nearest LIC Branch.

Your Agent: Your agent has all the information about your policy, consider contacting them.

Customer Care: Call LIC Customer care and ask about your policy NAV and current value.

If you are looking for Traditional Policy status, you can check it here.

  1. avina sharad patil February 15, 2011 at 6:51 pm

    my policy no is 943101220
    please tell my navs & todays cash value

  2. my policy no-438852815, date of commencement-03/08/2007.
    plan of term-181 14 0.
    schedule no-43j
    mode of primum-sg1
    total investment-17000/
    questions-current date of the my policy value.kindly answere.thank you

  3. SUNIL PADMAKAR PATIL February 7, 2011 at 3:25 pm


    My ulip (Market Plus) Policy No. 961420425 – I have invested Rs10000/- yearly premum in ths said policy from 3 yrs. But Still I have not received any type of letter about currently holding in No of Units and Its current value at my residance address.

  4. pls tell me how much my policy cash value today.
    My policy no is 332112294 ,growth fund ,180-20

  5. how to calculate units ?

  6. i have 2 ulip policy i .e 1)wealth plus 40000 RS 2)MARKET PLUS 50000 RS but i dont know the how units wll b given 4 me so i req 2 tell me units & current cash value my policy no is 1)883487555 2)883775584

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