LIC Samridhi Plus

LIC Samridhi Plus

LIC Samridhi Plus Summary:
LIC Samridhi Plus is a ULIP plan. LIC Samridhi Plus (Plan No.804) is a close ended plan which would be open for sale for a maximum period of 3 months.

LIC Samridhi Plus Plan at Glance:

  • Guaranteed Highest NAV of the first 100 months at Maturity
  • Policy Term 10 years
  • Lock in period 5 years
  • Limited Premium Payment (5 years or single premium)
  • Unlimited investment under Single Premium
  • Insurance Protection
  • Easy liquidity through Partial Withdrawals
  • Entry age 8 to 65 years

LIC Samridhi Plus with a policy term of 10 years that offers payment of Fund Value at the end of the policy term based on the highest Net Asset Value (NAV) over the first 100 months of the policy or the NAV as applicable at the end of the policy term, whichever is higher. The premium payment under this plan is limited to single or 5 years. The policyholder can choose the level of cover within the limits, depending on his/her age. Read more about LIC Samridhi Plus

Pension Plus Plan 803

Pension Plus Plan 803 – ULIP Based

LIC Pension Plus is a unique UNIT Linked pension plan where a minimum rate of interest of 4.5% is confirmed and guaranteed. Also after maturity, one third of the corpus can be withdrawn as a lumpsum amount and the remaining two-thirds would be paid in either monthly or half-yearly installments (Pension) after maturity, which would be decided by the policy holders. The plan is without any life cover during the deferment term of the policy.

For more details visit: https://mypaisa.in/pension-plus/

ULIP vs. Mutual fund

ULIP vs. Mutual fund

ULIPs and mutual fund are similar type of investments but not same. As we know mutual funds are more into investments; whereas ULIPs are into investments as well as insurance. When we look into the basic concept the difference between the two is very small, and mainly consists of product structure and risk coverage.

ULIP Insurance

ULIP Insurance How it works?

As now we know what exactly is an ULIP plan, now the next question normally pops out in our minds is how does this plan works out? No plan is easy to understand, so in the same way even it is critical to know the working of ULIP plan and how our money gets invested. ULIPs basically work like a mutual fund with a life cover involved in it.

Fortune Plus – ULIP Plan

LIC’s Fortune Plus is a Unit Linked Plan (ULIP) where premium payment term (PPT) is 5 years and the premium payable in the first year will be 50% of total premium payable under the policy. Fortune Plus serves the purpose of insurance-cum-investment.

Profit Plus

LIC’s Profit Plus (Plan No.188) is a Unit Linked Endowment Insurance Plan. Profit Plus (ULIP) is designed for common man to enhance their savings and financial protection to their family. Four types of investment Funds are offered in Profit Plus. The Policyholder has the option to choose any ONE out of the following 4 funds. Bond, Secured, Balanced and Growth.

LIC Market Plus 1: NAV, Summary, Review

Market Plus 1 is a unit linked pension scheme (ULIP). Policy holder can choose the plan with or without risk cover. This investment plan is divided in four types of investment Funds namely Bond, Secured, Balanced and Growth Fund. Market Plus 1 is primarily a Pension policy and the plan has many attractive features and options that make it an ideal Retirement solution for your future……more