Mortgage Redemption Assurance

Mortgage Redemption Assurance

Mortgage Redemption Assurance policy (Table No. 52) (without profits) is designed to meet the requirements of the policy holding individual who want to ensure that all his outstanding loans and debts are automatically paid up in the event of his unfortunate death. If you have a home loan or any other loan or debt then this policy is for you.

Under the Mortgage Redemption Assurance policy (without profits), proposar will have to pay the medical examination fee.

LIC Mortgage Redemption policies are usually issued only to male lives aged 50 years or less.

ULIP vs. Mutual fund

ULIP vs. Mutual fund

ULIPs and mutual fund are similar type of investments but not same. As we know mutual funds are more into investments; whereas ULIPs are into investments as well as insurance. When we look into the basic concept the difference between the two is very small, and mainly consists of product structure and risk coverage.

LIC Jeevan Saathi

Jeevan Saathi

Jeevan Saathi Summary: LIC Jeevan Saathi (Table No.89) is specially designed for married couples. It is for husband and wife who want a single policy for joint life risk cover. Key features: Unique Joint Life Insurance Policy from India’s No.1 Insurance company Tax benefit You can pay monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly premiums. Maturity Benefits:The sum …

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LIC Amulya Jeevan 1

Protect your loved ones from any unexpected surprises in life, any time.
Amulya Jeevan 1 (Plan No. 190) is a Term Assurance plan with minimum Sum Assured of Rs.25 lakh.
This is a pure Term Assurance Plan like Anmol Jeevan 1. In this plan Minimum S.A. is 25 lakhs. (Under Anmol Jeevan (Table No. 164) only policies with S.A. below 25 lakhs. are issued).


LIC Anmol Jeevan 1

Anmol Jeevan-I (Table No. 164) is a unique plan of assurance, by far the cheapest policy to buy; cheaper than even a whole life policy to start with. This plan is allowed to standard and sub-standard lives (up to Class VI EMR). In case of female lives, this plan will be restricted to Category I and II lives only. Physically handicapped persons falling under Group A will be eligible for this plan with the standard extra rates.