LIC Amulya Jeevan 1

LIC Amulya Jeevan 1 (Table No. 190)

Amulya Jeevan 1 Summary:

Protect your loved ones from any unexpected surprises in life, any time with Life Insurance Corporation of India’s Amulya Jeevan. Amulya Jeevan 1 (Plan No. 190) is a Term Assurance plan with a minimum Sum Assured of Rs.25 lakh. This is a pure Term Assurance Plan like Anmol Jeevan 1.

Need Less than 25 lakh Term? Check: Anmol Jeevan 1 Pure Term Insurance


On Maturity:
On Maturity, no amount will be paid to the Policyholder.

On Death:
On the death of the policyholder during the policy term, S.A. will be paid to the nominee, provided the policy is kept in force.

Income tax rebate:
The premium paid towards Amulya Jeevan 1 is eligible for tax deduction under section 80C of the Income Tax Act,1961.

Eligibility Conditions and Restrictions for LIC Of India’s Amulya Jeevan-I:

Minimum Age at entry: 18 years (completed)
Maximum Age at entry: 60 years (nearest birthday)
Maximum Age at maturity: 70 years (nearest birthday)
Policy Term: 5 years to 35 years
Minimum Sum Assured: Rs.25,00,000/-
Maximum Sum Assured: No Upper Limit
(Policies will be issued in multiples of Rs.1,00,000/- for Sum Assured more than the minimum Sum Assured)
Loan: Not available
Surrender Value: Nil
Dating Back: Allowed
Grace Period: 15 days

Mode of Premium :
The premium can be paid either in Yearly, Half-yearly & Single Premium.

Cooling off period:
If you are not satisfied with the “Terms and Conditions” of the policy, you may return the policy to Life Insurance Corporation Of India within 15 days.

Example: Mr. LIC takes a policy for 25 years for Rs.50 lakhs.
(a) On survival till maturity, Mr. LIC will not receive any amount.
(b) On the death of Mr. LIC during the policy term, his nominee will get Rs.50 lakh S.A.

The Unique Identification Number (UIN) for LIC Of India’s Amulya Jeevan – 1 is 512N250V01.

The above is the product summary giving the key features of the plan. This is for illustrative purposes only. This does not represent a contract and for details please refer to your policy document.

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  1. i have an AMulya jeevan 1 plan no 190 of rs 25 lakh for two years. sir is there any category of soker or non smoker in that policy. because at the time of policy i did nt have smoking habit. but recently i have taken that habbit. sir will this afecct my policy? my dob is 28/08/1977.
    sir, i also intend to have another term plan from lic online of Rs 25 lakh. what should i do?please suggest me sir

  2. Hi, I have taken a home loan of Rs.20,00,000/-. I want a risk cover for the same. Kindly advice me what term assurance plan I can take and the premium thereof. I want a premium paying period up to age 64 years, I am 54 years old. My DOB is 20/01/1960. what will be the premium. please e-mail your reply.

  3. Arvind kumar dubey

    Dear Praveen & sanjay table no. 90 is Good for you , for more details Please call me on 9716618942 Delhi

  4. Hi, I am 51 years old. My DOB is 19/05/1962. I have taken a home loan of Rs.20,00,000/-. I want a risk cover for the same. Kindly advice me what term assurance plan I can take and the premium thereof. I want a premium paying period up to age 65 years, that is from now 14 years. Thanks in advance. Alternatively, what will the One time premium.

    1. Arvind Kumar Dubey

      Dear Sir,
      as per your need your premium will be 23450/year OR 11960/half year, OR one Time single premium 210675 Only, this is for 14 years term plan. for more details call me on 9716618942 Delhi.

  5. My age is 35 years. which type policy sould i sutable four me?
    please suggest?
    thanking you

    1. Arvind Kumar Dubey

      Dear friend , please give your details like your need, responsibilities & dependent family etc, after that we will advice you for a great LIC Policy , you can call me at 9716618942

  6. I AM 42 YRS OLD WITH 4 KIDS. Three girls of age group 7,4 & 4. Son age 1 yr. Please recommend a sensible policy which has to take care of my kids future, I mean their education, marriage & thier well being.

  7. i get 25lakh ka policy.I pay premium in 1 date of birth is 15/8/1969.i get my single premium amount detail. table no 190 & benefit detail please.

  8. i am 36yrs. send me quotation for online term insurance for 50lakhs&25 lakhs for the period of 25 years

  9. I’ve taken LIC Amulya Jeevan Policy and ICICI I Protect term policies in the year 2010. Subsequently I’ve been diagnosed with HIV+. In case of death due to HIV/AIDS if sum assured shall be paid to the nominee?

    1. Since you have already bought Amulya Jeevan, makes it clear that you had undergone medical tests and have been found to be fit. Now, the plan covers death and death only.The reason of death is not important (except for suicide in first year of the term). I think there should be no problem for LIC , but confirm it. There are people, I know who are HIV +ve and living a normal life like anybody else, so cheer up everybody is going to live for some period only.

  10. I am interested in taking a term insurance plan from LIC , Jeevan Amulya of sum assured 50 lakhs. Since I am a NRI and is staying at Doha presently pls let me know whether I am eligible to apply for the policy and am I entitled for SA in case of any evantuality. Please guide me steps I should follow to get a policy during my visit to India on the 2nd week of January 2013.

  11. i am an officer in the merchant navy and want an insurance plan which covers me even when i am working on ship and abroad. the insurance plan can be term insurance or also a plan with returns on maturity. please suggest which plan to go for. my age is 24. policy of about 1-2 crores.

  12. i am 23yrs. send me quotation for online term insurance for 50lakhs&25 lakhs for the period of 35 years

  13. IF interested in taking any LIC policy in West UP, or if you just want to know about any LIC policy, please send me a message.


  15. this is with relation to Amulya jeevan 1. how does the premium vary for a smoker and non smoker . in case at the time of death insured was a smoker , how would the LIC take this claim.

  16. What will be the Premium amount yearly, for Amol jeevan 1 and Amulya jeevan 1, Amount 25 Lacks, Term – max possible, My Date of birth – 5Jan 1979 and wife’s birth day – 10 Jan 1984. Calculate for both seperately. confirm is it possible for joint?

  17. Sir
    D.O.B 20/02.1980. mr selary is Rs 35000/ in need insurence for20 lec and abuve what was the my premium.

    Harendra bhai patel

  18. My annual income is 6lkhs and I want a high value term plan with death benefit only. My age is 30 years now however I am overweight and have high BP. Please tell me if I am eligible and what is the max policy amount I can opt for??

  19. i am 57 yrs , can i take cover for 25 lacs or more ?
    If yes can u pls give the details:
    1. yearly premium / single primum
    2. other requirements like medical checkup cost / tests to be done and whose a/cs
    3.are their any policies for children age group 10-15 yrs with low premium high risk cover ?
    kindly advise
    v s hinde

  20. Hi,

    I wanted to opt for LIC-Amulya Jeevan life insurance policy. But recently I have gone through a major surgery in which my left Kidney was removed out due to tumor (cancerous) detected in very initial stage, now I am healthy and 100 % safe as per doctors.

    Please let me know can LIC allows to me opt any term insurance policy?

    Quick response is appreciable.


  21. my D.O.B. Is 11 / 6 / 1972, i had taken a home lone 42 lac whose primium is 42000 for 20years . i want to take a such policy which cover my home loan liability as well as my life insured. what is about amuly jeevan 1

  22. i m doing job in private sector my salary is 3.5 lac p/yr
    i n planning for risk cover 25 lac.
    my DOB is April 1987.
    how much premium or which policy is beneficial for me.

  23. HI ,

    Want to take term insurance for 45 Lakhs .I am 31 now and want it for 30 yrs so please.let me know if what premiums need to be paid.also please suggets me if for this medical is needed.

    thanks and Regards

  24. i am a govt employee. dob- 31/01/1977. i wish to buy a term plan for rs 7500000.which will be the best plan? how much premium i’ve to pay annualy? does it cover illness or death due to illness ? whether medical check up required or not ?

  25. plz info best policy for 50lakh cover for 11yrs wit annual premium.
    also info if policy holder survives even after maturity how much policy holder wil get?
    My dob 04/01/1987

  26. D.O.B :4-01-1987


    1. Your proposal will be possible rejected as your income is 2.5 lacs per year. I would suggest to go for lower risk cover as of now.

    2. Siddhesh, Your proposal will not be rejected on the basis of your income. On the basis of income and age mentioned by you, you are eligible for a sum assured of Rs.55,00,000/-. You may have purchased the plan by now. If not buy it as soon as possible, preferably before 30 the Sept 2013.Pl. Contact your agent or write me tat

  27. d.o.b; 05-05-1965.salary per month rs. 20,000/- .i need insurance for rs. 35 lac. and above. what may be the premium.

  28. bikash ranjan sukla

    I am a BHEL employee and i awant to do a term insurance of 25 lakhs for 15 years.My dob is 11 march 1988. What will be the premium amount yearly?

  29. Hi ,
    My age is 32 year and i want to procure amulya jeevan 1 with term plan 30 lac for 30 years.
    i want to know what are the term & condition of this policy because i am working in a chemical plant . no full details of this policy is available in your booklet or internet.
    mainly my main consideration is to know that in which type of death condition nominee will get this amount.
    is there any medical checkup formalities and is there any extra charge on my premium because i am working in a chemical plant.
    Pl. send me all in full deatils pdf file on my mail if possible.

  30. HI

    MY AGE IS 19 NOW



  31. I want to take Jeevan Amulya policy. Term – 35, Sum-50Lac.

    What will be the premium and what is the claim procedure in case of something happens to me. And what is the approximate time taken to settle the claim.

    What all proofs will be needed like I read in previous post you said ‘Death ceritificate’ but any other document is also needed?

  32. i want cash amount 75 lac after 15 years @ minimum premium.
    do you have any policy for this requirement ?
    If you have send me the details.
    My DOB: 22-12-1983.

  33. My age is 39 Years Old and Male. Please explain me that if i will take Amulaya Jeevan for Rs.2500000.00

    What i will get at the time of Natural / Accidental Death?

    Further if i will meet with an accident and due to accident if i am unable to pay further premium, is policy benifit to me till the completion of term? If yes, How?

    Please replay me as early as possible so that i can take my decission. Because i have came to know that some pvt. insurance cos. are provide such type of benifit.

    Thanks & Regards

    Chirag Dangarwala

  34. my father is now 52yrs can he open amulya jeevan for 25lacs for 25 yrs.if yes please let me know the conditions

  35. Amiya Kanti Biswas

    I will complete 41 years on 18/11/2010. I want to buy Amulya Jeevan-I for Rs.40 Lakhs. During the last two years I bought a policy of Rs.40,000 (single premium-wealth plus) only. Considering the above please inform me what are the medical tests I have to qualify.

  36. i want to take a term insurance of 50lacs for 15years what will be the premium for that.
    My D.O.B:03-05-1988

  37. There are few LIC policies in which S.A. will be returned only after maturity date by LIC eventhough the person expired during policy term.

    After how long, nominee will receive S.A. for jeevan amulya policy?

  38. Recently I have purhcased LIC amulya Jivan Policy. I have been allotted the Policy Number by LIC for 50 L. Now I want to purhcase another LIC of 25 Lakhs of Amulya Jivan. Whether the same medical tests will be conducted again by LIC. I have undergone Medical test in June 2010.

  39. My D.O.B is 21.05.1986. I want to take a term insurance of 50 lacs. What will be the premium ? What are the terms and conditions ? What are the formalities and documents required ?
    Can you send me detailed brochure for this policy ? Do I have to mention the period and what is the maturity procedure ? kindly let me know as early as possible.

  40. plz info best policy for 50lakh cover for 11yrs wit annual premium.
    also info if policy holder survives even after maturity how much policy holder wil get?

  41. Age-32
    Marital status-Married , Have one male child.
    I want to take term insurance plan. My choice is Amulya jeevan.
    My query fot the product are the following:
    Does Amulya Jeevan/Anmol Jeevan cover the following:
    -Suicidal Death
    -Accidental Death
    -Death due to crtical illness
    -Natural death before expiry of policy
    -Death due to war, Terrorist attack.
    -Death during travelling(Air crash/ train/bus clash)
    -Death in abroad due to any of the above following circumstances.
    -Due to natural disaster(Earth quake/ Floods etc.)

  42. I am planning to go for LIC’s Amulya Jeevan – 1 to cover my home loan. I need a cover for Rs. 50 Lakh for 20 years. My date of birth is 21st March 1973. Please advise the following :

    1. Any riders like disability / critical illness / accident etc are there in this policy
    2. What are the medical tests required to be undergone ?

  43. D Venkat Ramana Reddy

    Hi, My DOB is 15-DEC-1978. For 20 yr term assurance policy, Anmol Jeevan for SA 24L has premium 8850, but Amulya Jeevan SA 25L has premium ~7400. Can you please tell why the premium is less when the SA is more? (SA – Sum Assured)
    Thank you

  44. Whats the difference between Anmol Jeevan & Amulya Jeevan. Why does the premium for Rs 25 lakhs SA varies between both of them for same tenure and age


    I need a pure term policy to cover my life risk as well as my home loan amounting INR 5000000 on reducing balance basis.

    My EMI is INR 46217 for 16 yrs.

    My gross annual income is INR1600000.

    As I know from yr website, it seems only AMULYA JEEVAN-1 serves this purpose. But would there be any difference on premium if I take the policy on a reducing balance basis.

    Pls. advise.

    I need your suggestion for a good policy for my wife (house wife-38 yrs) and CHILD PLAN policy as well.

    1. Right, Amulya and Anmol jeevan is your option. Get 50 lakh term insurance to cover your home loan liability. Let me know, your age to calculate premium.

    2. Arvind kumar dubey

      Dear Loknath, Table no 190 is very good for your need for more details call me on 9716618942 Delhi

  46. I am planning to take amulya jeevan for 30lacs/35years. Please let me know if the insurance is convered in case of accidental death or any other form of death.

  47. #Matter urgent please#
    I plan to take amulya jeevan 25 to 30Lakks, my age is 34 yrs. Please list out details of medical tests required to be carried out. Does it involve cancer / HIV / TB. Please reply urgently
    #Matter urgent please#

  48. deepak chaturvedi

    i have taken loan 1200000/- from lic housing date of birth is 30june78. i have taken loan for 25years.please tell me what should be my premum amount

  49. deepak chaturvedi

    i have taken loan 120000/- from lic housing date of birth is 30june78. i have taken loan for 25years.please tell me what should be my premum amount.

  50. I want to cover my home loan of Rs25,00,000/- with in a term of 12 years.
    I will be 48 in 1st July.
    I plan for Amulya Jeevan -I term end policy for the coverage.
    Will it be a better choice ?
    I also look for a Home loan mortgage reducing balance term policy.Please let me know about it.
    Please send the EMI I need to pay for 12 years term , 25.00.000/- for Amulya Jeevan and any other details by email as early as possible.

    1. Of course this is best choice to cover your loan risk. Your Premium would be Rs.17000/- yearly.

  51. Hello,

    Want to go for Amulya jeevan 50 lacs -25 yrs,for my husband…dob 20.03.1975… also want to know if taking a CI as a rider is better or shoud i go a for a separate CI plan…We reside outside India…whats the procedure and other documentations….


  52. Need to Inquiry about Term / Life Insurance Policies offerred by LIC. My Contact No is 9892849749.

  53. Hi,
    I am planning to take term Insurance Plan for Rs. 25.00 lakh, my DOB is 14.09.1974 , my Insurance agent told me that in case you opting for Insurance of Rs. 25.00 you have to undergo medical test. If you go for Rs. 10.00 Jeevan Anand, There is no need of Medical Check up. I am little diabetic.

    Kindly advice which policy is better for me.

  54. Tell me Yes No whether Term Insurance covers following
    Death due to

    1. Air crash
    2.Road accident
    3.Natural Calamities
    4.Terririst Attack


  55. Birendra kuumar jha

    my date of birth is 01-12-72, i want a term insurance from Lic, for a sum of 10 lakhs, upto the age of 70 years, how much premium i have to pay annually, what will be beneficial for me to pay annually or pay one time pl. suggests.

    1. Your current age is 38 hence maximum term you can go for is 25.
      Your premiums are 7,029 Yearly or 86,100 Single premium.

  56. i am planing for LIC’s Amulya Jeevan 1.
    plase send me preimum for 25 lakhs sum assure.
    my age is 34 years.


  57. Does Amt payble on Death covers War,Criminal Offence,aviation,HIV,AIDS,Drugs,Alcoholabuse etc? What are the exclusions except Suicide, which is already mentioned on the website?

    1. Our agent will get in touch with you to complete your policy. Everything is covered but you need to go through a medical examination before LIC issue a policy to you.

  58. I am planing for home laon. Please advise me which plan is suitable for protection against the home loan liabilty of Rs. 24 laks.

    Hem Raj

  59. 1. What all death will be covered by this policy? Does it cover
    – Accident
    – Disaster say like air crash/earthquake etc
    – Critical illness
    2. How long will the medical test take to complete?
    3. What all riders are allowed along with this policy?

    Can you send me detailed brochure for this policy?

    1. This is term insurance which covers accident, death due to critical illness. Medical depends on your age, policy amount.

  60. my d.o.b. is 24-12-1972. i am working for private sector and i want rs. 60 to 70 lacs after 25 years at minimum premium . for my requirement do you hav any policy if yes than pls mail me and hav i got accidental benifits?

  61. my d.o.b. is 24-11-1978. i am working for private sector and i want rs. 60 to 70 lacs after 25 years at minimum premium . for my requirement do you hav any policy if yes than pls mail me and hav i got accidental benifits?

  62. Hi,

    After death.How will the nominee get the insured amount ?Whom they will approach for the insured amount ?How long it take to get the insured amount ?What all verication LIC does ?Suppose at time of taking policy the policy holder did not smoke and drink and he mentiont that in form but at time of death(due to any disease) he was drinking and smoking than will this case go negative ?PLease let us all know about this in detail.

    Thanks in advance


    1. a non-drinker doesn’t mean they will never drink in their life. One may change his or her lifestyle in 1 year or may be 5 years so that doesn’t matter. but you should not hide any illness.

      Your nominee can claim the insurance amount and verification and settlement time depends on how much sum assured you have opted for.

  63. MY age in 29.I consulted my one agent for amulya jeevan(Table no – 190).

    He said that no medicle checkup is required for your age because your age is less.

    I want to know whether this is correct or not ?At the age of 29 do I need for medicle checkup.
    PLease help


  64. Abhijit Manohar

    i was told that lic of india does not cover a merchant navy officer for a term insurance value of above 65 lacs. is this correct? i want to take a pure term insurance, value of 1 cr, what is the correct available policy that i can get. a friend has suggested amulya jeevan. please advise.
    thanks in advance

  65. DOB : 24/11/1971

    Best policy for short period (5 years) investment and highest yield

    What will be the annual investment to get 50 lakh after 5 year term (Guaranted)?

  66. Iam planning to do term insurance(no profits based) for 50 lakhs FOR LIFTE TIME.Please suggest the best plan.
    Is there any term plan for 66 years old person.
    sai srinivas

  67. D.O.B :24-08-1981


  68. i plan for amulya jeevan- 1 policy of lic for 35 lacs.

    i am 35 yrs old & would like to know what all medical tests are required for the same.

    policy term would be 25 yrs.

    pls confirm…


  69. I am Accounts Professional I want term Insurance plan with my life
    pls send me details
    my DOB is 01-09-1976
    Required Sum Assured 25 Lacks
    Plan Term Plans
    Term Max years atleast 30 Years
    My salary is 15000/- PM

  70. In case of Amulya Jeevan I from LIC, what happens if the policy holder becomes Permanent Diasble due to an accident within term of policy. Will the policy continue ? and what about the payment of premiums? I mean is there premium wavier rider available in this policy….


    i am house wife .can i take term assurance plan for 35 year for 2500000 my date of birth 11december1978.but premiun will be paid by my husbund who is govt. employee.can you tell me what will be my premium for above amount

    1. Most of the Home loan covers Insurance now a days. If you have not opted for Insurance cover while applying for Home Loan then you have the option to choose any LIC Policy that can cover the Outstanding home loan.

      Please provide your contact details, Date of Birth, Loan amount, EMI etc to info at I will arrange a callback.

  72. for the calculations please tell where to calculate the premium amount for30 lacs and 50 lacs amount of sa in amulya jeevan? And even in other policies?

  73. Sanjay Kumar Singh

    My Age is 36 Years. I want to take term Plan of LIC. Out of two plan Amulya Jeevan & Anmol Jeevan, which one will be better for me. I nees 25 Lacs sum insurance for 25 Years.

    Please Suggest.


    1. Both the policy will give you same benefit. Amulya Jeevan 1 is for 25lacs and above where as Anmol Jeevan I is for sum assured between 5lacs-25lacs.

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