Komal Jeevan

Komal Jeevan

Komal Jeevan Summary: (Table No.159)
LIC Komal Jeevan is a children’s Money Back Plan that provides financial protection against death during the term of the plan with periodic payments on survival at specified durations. Komal Jeevan can be purchased by any of the parents or grandparent or legal guardian for a child aged between 0 years to 10 years. The payment of the premium stops at the age of 18 years.

Who should buy Komal Jeevan?
In today’s competitive world, every parent dreams of the best education for their son/daughter. This policy is suitable for parents who dream to secure money for their children’s higher education.

The policy matures when the child grows up to be 26. Once the child attains the majority, the survival benefit is paid in four installments.

  1. 20% on policy anniversary after completing age 18.
  2. 20% on policy anniversary after completing age 20.
  3. 30% on policy anniversary after completing age 22.
  4. 30% on policy anniversary after completing age 24.
  5. Guaranteed addition + Loyalty Addition on completing age 26 (Maturity date)

Guaranteed additions :
The policy gives guaranteed additions at Rs 75 per Rs 1,000 sum assured on every policy anniversary till age 26.

Commencement of risk cover:
The risk commences only after the child attains age seven or two years after the commencement of the policy, whichever is later.

Premium Waiver Benefit:
Premium Waiver Benefit available with some extra premium amount.

Term Rider Benefit:
Term Rider Benefit can be availed by the proposer to the extent of 20% of the basic sum assured under the policy not exceeding Rs.1,00,000/-. The benefit will be payable in case the proposer dies before the policy anniversary on which the child is 18 years last birthday.

Death Benefits

  • In case of death of the life assured before the commencement of risk, the policy is canceled and premiums paid are refunded.
  • After the commencement of risk, if the life assured dies before policy matures, the full sum assured plus guaranteed additions are payable without the deduction of earlier installment benefits paid.
  • Special benefit in maturity: Loyalty additions depending on policy duration and sum assured are paid on maturity.

Premiums are payable yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, monthly, or through Salary deductions, as opted by you, up to the policy anniversary immediately after the life assured (child) attains 18 years of age or till the earlier death of the life assured. Alternatively, the premium may be paid in a lump sum (Single premium).

Medical Exam:
No Medical Examination is required for the child. However, the proposer’s medical examination is compulsory.

Eligibility Conditions and Restrictions for LIC Komal Jeevan:

Min. age at entry: 0 years (Last Birthday)
Max. age at entry: 10 years (Last Birthday).
Min. S.A.: 1 lakh.
Max. SA.: 25 lakhs.
SA in multiples: Rs. 25,000
Max. Maturity age: 26 years (lbd).
Modes Allowed (Premium Payment): Yly/Hly/Qly/SSS/Sp
Min. PPT: 8 years. (Premium Paying term)
Max. PPT: 18 years.
Accident benefit: NA
Premium Rebate: Yly 2%; Hly 1%; Qly/SSS – Nil
Term Rider Option: Available
Critical Illness Rider: No
Policy Loan: No
Revival: Yes
Surrender of Policy: Yes
Survival Benefits: Yes
Housing Loan: No
P.W.B.: Yes

UpdateLIC Komal Jeevan Plan No. 159 Has Been Discontinued.

The above is the product summary giving the key features of the plan. This is for illustrative purposes only. This does not represent a contract and for details please refer to your policy document.

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  1. I have taken KOMAL JEEVAN policy on 11/06/06,159/25. I am paying yearly premium 16000/rupees. What benefit I will get ? Explain me.

  2. sir,
    My Sister purchased the komal jeevan plan in 2004 for her children,they have paid all the installment till 09/2012,unfortunately her husband expired in Nov2012.So I want to know how can they take the profit from the policy.

  3. Shyam Singh Bisht

    Dear Sir,

    I have interested in LIC Komal Jeevan for my 7 year old son (Dob 12.5.05). please contact and suggest me

  4. For my son his father had make a komal jeevan money back policy on 15.03.2003. which policy no is 585057631. But proposer is died now . As per the terms and condition now the lic cover the rest premium but the staffs are forced to diposited the premium and Ialso diposite the same. Can I get help on this.

  5. Sanjay Kumar Sharma

    I have Komal Jeevan Policy since 2005 for my son..sum of rps. 500000..an di’m paying yearly premium approx. 33000 INR… i would like to know what is the bonus & benefits.. i know at the age 10% 10% 20%^ and 20% but after that what i’ll get.. if possible please give in dtls..

  6. ravindra singh negi

    i have interested lic komal jeewan plan, my son is 1 year 10 month,please guide me or call me

  7. Hi Everyone,

    I have paid Rs.36,000 as yearly premium for the last 6 years (until March 2012) under Komal Jeevan policy with 18 years maturity plan, but now, due to my poor financial condition I want to cancel/terminate the policy as it is not possible for me to pay premiums anymore.
    So can anyone pls tell me, ROUGHLY how much i will get as a return (the total sum of money (Approx) from LIC, if I terminate now).. I would really appreciate if some enlightens me on this !

    looking forward to your kind response.
    Thanks. Dev

  8. I have a policy Komal Jeevan on the name of my son .I had paid 8 installments of Rs. 32,432 per annum and I received Rs 40,000 /- on completion of 18 years of age. The sum assured was Rs 2,00,000 . I want to knowon on maturity at the age of 26 how much money I will get excluding the amount I will get up to 24 years of age.
    kindly reply .

    Dr. Neelam Gogia

  9. sunil kumar alias sunil kumar rai

    my father late-ambika rai in her life he paid singal primium komal jivan lic of india police.my first son-sunny raj.police no-515020855.second son-raman raj.and my daughter sneha raj also.lic of india branch-ara dist-bhojpur.state-bihar.country-india.after few year my father death on date-11/08/2011.his name add on police parposser.please guide me what is nessesary after my father death.or not any action is nessesry.please guid me.
    sunil kumar alias sunil kumar rai.s/o late-ambika rai.
    bishnu nagar.bazar samiti ara.po-nawada/anaith.ps-ara nawada.dist-bhojpur.stata-bihar. jevan saral lic police no-516805162.pan no-anhpk1114h.

  10. sir/madam,
    i have a lic jeevan saathi policy no. 813617097 i want to know after maturity how much money return.

  11. sir, i just opened a komal jeevan fr my 6 mnth old daughter. Payment mode is through mnthly salary scheme fr Rs. 500000 with premium Rs.3341. Aftr completion of 26 yrs. How much amount i will get with PWB?

  12. sir,
    i am having komal jeevan policy in my son’s name.his date of birth is 17/01/1994.when will i get 1st money back of 20%?

    thanking you,

  13. I had taken Komal Jeevan Policy for my son in 2003 – policy no 717140661. My son has completed 18 years on 27th March 2011. But, I am yet to receive the 20% as stipulated. I am trying calling the branch numbers as listed in their portal, but no one answers on any of the numbers listed. The portal does not list mail ids of anyone, and I am unable to make a personal visit to the branch.
    The agent with whom I had taken the policy, has not bothered to contact me after collecting the first cheque.
    Unfortunately, the loss is not mine as I have been investing around Rs. 1 lac since 2004 with another insurance company, whose agent is more customer friendly.

  14. sir, my son policy no 684156978, (komal jeevan) , i want to know is there any premium dues.

  15. i m having the komal jeevan police for my kids (twins), sum proposed is 200000 Rs & am paying a premium of 16009 Rs + i have a jeevan saral plan with a annual premium of 36030 Rs(cheque to LIC), every year for passed 4 years i hav made this policy through a agent but he never gave me a recpit till now when ask he gives some excuse, he is not even in time to collect the check we hav to call him up many times, is there any problem am just getting worried about it, pls let me know.

  16. as guardian can i purchase komal jeevan for my grand daughter andgrand son aged 3&1 who are born in usa , my age is63.please explain.


  17. please send details about JEEVANKOMAL, for

    ARE BOTH NRI STATUS.can i take policy for them, as guardian advise any other suitable with lic policy is avilable.

  18. Prabhat Kumar Chinya

    Clicking on Reply nothing was seen related with my question. Is it not possible to reply simply whether I can open a policy in favour of my grand daughter ( one year three months old ) who is citizen of USA by birth and present residing there with her parents (indian Citizen ) .

  19. Hi ,,,can explain me…about new police of pension and health policy … Actully my age is 35 and i am interested in my health and pension police to return me after 15 years back me minimum …. 2 or 3 lack rupees


  20. Prabhat Kumar Chinya

    Though my question is entertained but reply I failled to receive. Perhaps you have given reply but sorry to say I could not open. However again I am putting my enquiry My grand daughter is one year three months old and she citizen of USA by birth but her parents are Indian and now working in USA . Now I want to open one Kamal Jiban policy with the option for paying every month premium till it is matured as per norm My question is whether I can make the said policy for her?

  21. i have doubt to komal jeevan , childrens plans

    i want infomation to how much will be pay to yearly mony to childrens plains.

    can u tell me all matter regarding Komal jeevan policy plan

    Thanks & Regards


  22. question …
    pls asked me how to aftar 18 yers above 8 to 10 lakh money back policies in child plan actully my born babby creat policies in aftar 18 yers my child give return 10 lakh rupess.

  23. chidambaranayagan.p

    Dear sir,

    Policy No-753896976
    Money Back Policy

    We are like that continue the policy. what we can do this.
    Can you provide revival

  24. chidambaranayagan.p

    Dear sir,

    I have one Money Bakc policy, But we are not able prieum not retularly. Breaked on three years above. so we are like continue the policy. can you apply reval the policy.

    Please suggestin and make the route.


  25. Prabhat Kumar Chinya

    My grand daughter (one and three months old) is a citizen of USA by birth and now residing with her parent in USA. Her parents are Indian and now working in USA. Whether I can make one Kamol Jeevan policy for my Grand daughter ?

  26. sir
    i want one police in my child 2month old kindly give me detail witch policy mature in 18 year later.

  27. i have doubt to komal jeevan , childrens plans

    i want infomation to how much will be pay to yearly mony to childrens plains.

  28. I required home lone Rs 3 lacs for purchase a house how many % rate of intrest please give details

  29. 1.You have stated that Bonus and LA is not guaranteed but you will get that. Is Your statement above going to be recorded in the policy statement/money recipt issued to us.
    2.“Komal Jeevan” offers guaranteed additions at Rs 75 per Rs 1,000 sum assured on every policy anniversary till age 26.
    Will the above statement be mentionerd in the money recipt of the issued policy.

  30. The chart showing premium payable is not displayed in the scheme.If the SA of my grand daughter is 10 lacs,what shall be the yearly premium as well as lump sum premium (payable only once).

    1. Whats her age?

      Single premium would be between 7-7.5lacs and yearly would be approx Rs.75,000/-

  31. Dear Tabrej,

    Many Thanks for the reply.
    What you mentioned is Guaranted Additions, what about Loyalty Additions/ Bonus?


  32. Dear Sir/ Madame,

    I have also a “Komal Jeevan” policy in my child’s name; do you have any idea of the Loyalty Additions on this policy, what LIC will pay on maturity? Because on the money receipt it is mentioned that there is no Bonus on this policy, but in the LIC Web Site it is mentioned that “Komol Jewan” is a with-Profit plan and It gets a share of the profits in the form of loyalty additions which are terminal bonuses payable along with maturity benefit.
    Your valuable replies will be highly appreciated.

    1. “Komal Jeevan” offers guaranteed additions at Rs 75 per Rs 1,000 sum assured on every policy anniversary till age 26.

  33. sir, i want to take some LIC policies for self, wife and my 5 yrs old daughter.i have selected jeevan saral for self, jeevan surabhi for wife and komal jeevan for child. some insurance agents belong to my residential area have approached me for taking any policy and for that they have offered some discounts from their commission. but i want to know if i approach the branch directly or online for purchasing of any policy, is LIC going to give me some benefits. if,yes then how and how much?

  34. what is presentage of interest on LIC home loan for Rs 10 lacks.
    I have LIC insurence with Rs 3 lacks, and my wife have Rs 1 lacks and 1 lacks market plus, Rs 50,000 money profit.

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