File Your Income Tax Return with Mobile App

File Your Income Tax Return with Mobile App

Filing your taxes can be hard, but it’s even harder if you’re not sure where to start. Most of the taxpayers are not tech/computer savvy and they depend on CA’s to file their IT return every year. The Income Tax Department has launched a new mobile app that is easy to use and can help you file your taxes. The mobile app provides various features such as locating a tax return preparer near you, tools for calculating your taxes or ASK IT – A Chatbot. You can also play the game “Tax Gyaan ” using this free tool!.

To meet the needs of the people during this pandemic, the central government recently extended tax return filing deadlines for 2021-22 by two months. As of the new deadline, taxpayers can file their ITR until 30 September 2021 instead of 31 July.

The App is called “Aay?k?ar Setu” – Mobile Application for Tax Payer Services Module.

aaykar setu

Income Tax Mobile App: Installation by Miss call

  1. Give a missed call on +91–7306525252
  2. The IT Department will SMS the installation link.
  3. Click on the link and follow the instructions.

Install Aaykar Setu from the IT Portal

  1. Visit the new income tax e-filing portal 2.0
  2. Click the Taxpayer Services link.
  3. Follow the installation steps on your mobile.

1. Locate a Tax Return Preparer near you (TRP Scheme)

Using this feature, you can find a tax return preparer in your area easily. This service is available on Android and iOS.

To assist small and medium taxpayers, the Indian government has put into place a tax return preparer scheme. TRP Scheme- a government program that allows tax professionals called the Tax Return Preparer (TRPs) to help individuals with their taxes. The Government’s Tax Return Preparer Scheme (TRPS) offers training for unemployed or partially employed graduates in select disciplines such as Law, Economics, Statistics, Mathematics, Commerce, and Management/Business Administration. The Income Tax Department manages the TRP Scheme.

2. Calculate your taxes with the tools provided by the Income Tax Department

It has a section called ‘calculate your tax, which is basically a tax calculator provided by the Income Tax Department. You can calculate your tax liability using this tool.

3. ASK IT – A Chatbot to answer your questions about income tax returns

You can ask questions to the bot and it will answer your queries related to income tax or general issues, like GST rates.

4. Play a game to learn more about income tax returns and how they work

You can play a fun game and increase your knowledge about income tax through this game called “Tax Gyaan”.

This game is specially designed to teach the basics of income tax in an interactive format. You learn as you play!.

5. File your return with mobile app from Income Tax Department

You can file your IT return using the mobile app. To help you file your income tax return, the Income Tax Department has launched this app which is available on Android and IOS platforms. The app is secure & safe to use.

The new Income Tax Mobile App Aaykar setu is the best way to file your taxes. The mobile app provides various features such as locating a tax return preparer near you, tools for calculating your taxes or ASK IT – A Chatbot. You can also play the game “Tax Gyaan” using this free tool!.

Download the “Aaykar Setu” app today and get started on filing your income tax return! It’s fast, easy and best of all FREE!

How To Register for e-filing Tax Return

To use the Income-tax e-filling service first you need to register for it. In the era of digitalization, you can easily get the benefits of this facility. Through this article, we are offering you some instructions and guidelines to register for e-filing Income Tax Returns. To register for the e-filing Income Tax Return service you must have a PAN card without a PAN card and its details you cannot register for these beneficial services. Make sure while registering for it you have all essential details such as PAN card details, Contact Details, and others. After the registration procedure, you can easily avail of online tax service and much more

Procedure to register for e-filing Income Tax Return

To avail, all online facility-related Income tax returns you must have to register for e-filing Income Tax Returns. Otherwise, you can’t avail of this beneficial facility. Here we are offering you an easy tutorial that will help you to register for e-filing Income Tax Return:-

  • Visit the e-filing website of the Income Tax Department which is
  • Then click on the “Register Yourself” link and Select User Type (Individual/HUF/Other than Individual/HUF and other) by click on the radio button.
  • Click on Continue Button.
  • After that User, the Registration page will directly flash and start filling in mandatory details such as PAN, Surname, First Name, Middle Name, and Date of Birth.
  • Check all the details you field to click on the “Continue” button.
  • Then in the next step start filling the registration form like entering a User ID, Password, Confirm Password, Primary Secret Answer, and Secondary Secret Answer all this information is mandatory to be a field.
  • In the Persona Deals section, your details will already populate by previously entered basic details
  • Then In the Contact detail section start entering your contact details make sure you entered the correct contact details because your registration regarding information will be sent to these contact numbers. Enter Landline Number, Mobile number, Alternate Mobile number, Email Id, Alternate Email Id, and Fax number.
  • In next enter your Current Address details for example – Flat/Door/Building, Road/Street, Area/Locality, Town/City/District State, Pin Code, and alt last select you Country.
  • At last Enter Captcha Code and click on Submit button.

If the registration process successfully completes the user will receive a confirmation e-mail with an activation link to the registered Email ID and OTP is also sent on your registered mobile number.

Income Tax Slab for 2020-21

Income Tax Slab for 2020-21

The #Budget2020 was announced today 1st February 2020 by Hon. Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

The good news is that people who earn up to 5 lakh will not have to pay any #IncomeTax. Check other slaps in the table below

income tax 2020

Income Tax Slabs 2020-21

Yearly IncomeTax Rate
Up to 5 LakhNill
5 – 7.5 lakhs10%
7.5 – 10 lakhs15%
10 -12.5 lakhs20%
12.5 -15 lakhs25%
15 lakh and Above30%

Other Key Announcements in Budget 2020

For home buyers: Government has extended an additional Rs 1.5 lakh benefit on interest paid on housing loan till March 2021

Bank deposit insurance coverage: Your money will be safe in case your bank becomes insolvent. You will be eligible for up to 5 lakh instead of 1 lakh earlier.

The government proposes to sell a part of its holding in LIC through IPO (initial public offer).

In today’s Budget speech, FM proposed that the government will sell its stake in IDBI Bank to private investors and also amend the Banking Regulation Act to strengthen co-op banks.

Budget 2018 Key Highlights

Budget 2018 Key Highlights

No Change in Tax Slabs in this Budget:

  • There will no change for tax slabs for income tax.
  • Standard deduction of Rs 40,000 allowed for transport, medical reimbursement for salaried class.
  • Section 80D limit proposed to be hiked to Rs 50,000 for senior citizens
Budget 2018 Key Highlights 1

Proposals and Announcements:

  • All trains will soon have Wifi and CCTV.
  • All railways stations with a footfall of more than 25,000 to have escalators
  • PAN a must for transactions above Rs 2.5 lakh or more
  • Govt health scheme to cover 10 crore poor families is the world’s largest government-funded health protection scheme.
  • Electronic IT assessment will be rolled out across the country,
  • Kisan credit card facility extended to fisheries and animal husbandry sectors.
  • 2 crore more toilets will be built under Swachh Bharat Mission.
  • 1 crore houses to be built under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) in rural areas.
  • Rs 4.6 lakh crore sanctioned under MUDRA Scheme to target 3 lakh crore for lending under PM Mudra Yojana
  • 99 cities selected for smart cities project with an outlay of Rs 2.04 lakh crore.
  • 5 lakh WiFi hotspots will be set up in rural areas to provide easy internet access
  • Cash payments of more than Rs 10,000 by trusts and institutions will not be allowed.
  • Companies with turnover of up to Rs 250 crore to be taxed at 25 percent:
  • 60 crore bank accounts under the Jan Dhan Yojana to be opened.
  • Bitcoins, not a legal tender, and Govt. will identify it as an illegitimate transaction.
  • Govt will bring a scheme to provide a unique ID to every enterprise similar to Aadhaar.
  • Health and education cess has been increased to 4% from 3%
  • Rs 600 crore allotted to Tuberculosis patients undergoing treatment.
  • Amrut program to focus on the water supply to all households in 500 cities.
  • Government to contribute 12 percent of EPF contribution for new employees in all sectors
  • proposed to introduce a tax on distributed income by equity-oriented mutual funds at 10 percent.
  • proposed to tax long-term capital gains exceeding Rs 1 lakh at 10% without indexation.
  • Specialized railway university to be set up at Vadodara.
  • Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana (PMVVY), to be increased to Rs 15 lakh from the present Rs 7.5 lakh.
    Airport capacity to be hiked to handle 1 billion trips every year.

Some Tax Changes:

  • Customs duty on dental hygiene, perfumes, after-shave, room deodorizers, deodorants, preparations for use on hair increased to 20%.
  • Import duty on fruit juice increased from 30% to 50%.
  • Customs duty on mobile increased to 20% from existing 15%
  • Import duty on LCD/LED/OLED panels, parts of TVs hiked to 15%, duty on smart watches, wearable devices, footwear increased to 20%.

Salary Changes:

proposed revising salary of:

  • Rs 5 lakh for the President of India
  • Rs 4 lakh for the Vice President
  • Rs 3.5 lakh for the Governors

In short, the budget 2018-19 is a balanced budget for every sector. There is no change in the Salaried class but 1% extra in form of cess to be an extra burden. Let us know in the comments if you are happy with the budget.

How To Link Your PAN Card With Aadhaar Card

How To Link Your PAN Card With Aadhaar Card

It is now very important that you link your PAN number with your Aadhaar Card whether you file an income tax return or you do not. You will have to do it.

Under the new law presented by the Indian government, it is now necessary that every citizen living in India must link their PAN number with their Aadhar card.

The last date to link your PAN Card with your Aadhaar card is 31st December 2017 but, it would be great for you to do this work as soon as possible so that you can save your PAN card from being rejected.

Some people are still not able to fill their income tax returns because they have not linked their PAN with Aadhar but now they can file their returns without Aadhaar linked.

After reading such a thing, one thing in your mind must have been going on, how to link the PAN to the Aadhhar.

So today I’m going to explain to you the whole process of linking the PAN to the Aadhar.

  • First of all, you have to go to the income tax e-filling website on your search engine.
  • After reaching there, you will find a new web page with lots of options available.
  • Out of all the options, you have to choose the options of the service.
  • After going into the services option, you will find a lot of options, from which you have to select the link Aadhar option.
  • After selecting the link Aadhar option, the page opens in front of you. You will have to fill all the columns.
  • Now you have your original PAN card and Aadhar card or xerox copy.
  • In order to fill in the details, you must first enter your PAN card number then enter the number of your Aadhaar card and at last, you will have to enter your name which is the same written on your Aadhaar card.
  • For verification, a captcha code that is written on your screen you will have to re-enter.
  •  OTP option is also available for those who are unable to see or optical problems.
  • After filling in all these options, there is a link option at the bottom and you have to press it.
  • For those who are having an optical problem, an OTP is sent to their mobile number, OTP has to fill in the options available there.
  • After the entire process is completed, it comes out that your Aadhar and Pan linking is successful.

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You can also Go to this link Directly and fill the form to link your aadhar and PAN card. :

Note – For linking your Aadhar there are also other options are available but this option is best and easy to execute. If you are also having a problem in linking your Aadhar and PAN then you should take the help of anyone or the best option go to any cyber cafe. They will do the same for you by charging some amount.