LIC Jeevan Arogya

LIC Jeevan Arogya

LIC’s new health insurance Jeevan Arogya (Plan No. 903) provides fixed benefits for hospitalization and almost all types of surgical procedures.  Jeevan Arogya can cover all your family members.

LIC Jeevan Arogya gives you:

  • Valuable financial protection in case of hospitalization, surgery, etc
  • Increasing Health cover every year
  • Lump-sum benefit irrespective of actual medical costs
  • No claim benefit
  • Flexible benefit limit to choose from
  • Flexible premium payment options

Benefits Under Jeevan Arogya:

  • Hospital cash benefit (HCB)
  • Major Surgical Benefit (MSB)
  • Day Care Procedure Benefit
  • Ambulance Benefit
  • Premium waiver benefit
  • Other Surgical Benefit
  • Other Optional benefits(PWB)

Hospital cash benefit (HCB)

1. HCB (Within India only) is payable on per day basis. Double the cash benefit for ICU.
2. Max 30 days hospitalization & not more than 15 days in ICU (2 times HCB) for 1st policy year for each one
3. Max 90 days and incl not more than 45 days in ICU in the 2nd year onwards for each insured
4. Limited to a max of 720 days (incl of 360 days for ICU) during the entire policy term for each insured
5. HCB to increase 5% till it reaches 1.5 times And arithmetic addition of an amount equal to “No Claim Benefit”
6. Stay in Hospital exceeds a continuous period of 24 yrs or part thereof thereafter. Stay more than 7 days even for 1s 24 hours also payable.

Major Surgical Benefit (MSB)

1. Quick Cash facility: 50% of eligible MSB amount subject to approval from TPA in select Hospitals
2. MSB shall be a percentage of Sum Assured and is payable regardless of actual costs incurred
3. Rs. 1000/- towards Ambulance expenses
4. Premium Waiver benefit for next one year
5. Surgery within India.

Day Care Procedure Benefit

1. If a DCPB is performed, no HCB shall be paid
2. DCPB is payable as one lump sum and proof of surgery is required
3. All surgical procedures should be done by a Physician or Surgeon, to the satisfaction of the Corporation
4. No transfer of leftover benefit to other insured.

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Other Surgical Benefit

1. OSB is payable as a daily benefit
2. Proof of surgery done by a Physician or Surgeon, is subject to the satisfaction of the Corporation
3. No transfer of leftover benefit to other insured
4. Surgery required but not listed under MSB or DCPB

Term Rider Benefit

  • Min Term Assurance SA: Rs. 100000/-
  • Max Term Assurance SA: Equal to MSBSA
  • Min Entry Age: 18 Years completed
  • Max Entry Age: 50 Years NBD
  • Max Maturity Age: 60 Years NBD
  • Max Term: 35 Years

Death Benefit:
No death benefit unless Term Assurance Rider benefit is opted for.

Other details:

1. Premium guaranteed for first 3 years and maybe revised after every 3 years based on Health conditions
2. All existing members must be added in the first instance. New members can be added through Childbirth (Children)-3 Months, Marriage (Spouse, Parents-in-law)-  6 Months from next Policy anniversary.

Update: Jeevan Arogya Plan No. 903 Has Been Discontinued.

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  2. shailendra singh

    Please send me details of jivan arogya table 903 plan and send me hospital list and dises coverd under this plan

  3. kindly let me know the following two things.

    1. What is the rate of commission in Jeevan Arogya Plan?
    2.The premium to be paid in every year?
    3.Will the members of Jeevan Arogya Plant will add to the target of the agent?

  4. Which the Best Health Insurance Policy in LIC
    what is the different between plan 901 , Plan 902 , Plan 903,
    Pls send the Brochers of the Plan 901, 902 & 903,
    above Plan Premiums Details ,

  5. Debabrata Karmaar

    My health policy no. 457119827 till to day I have not received healthcardfrom your end. Plz look into the matter & arrange to send it immediately.

  6. sir, I am 52 years old and my wife 46 age with my daughter age 23 I very much interest to buy jeevan arogya 903 pl. sent me about jeevan arogya table no 903 niladri seal

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    I am 61 year old,my wife is 60 year old we want take Jeevan Aarogya Policy,So sould take single Policy for both.or should we take individual Policy for both.& which are benefits.

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