LIC – Life Insurance Corporation of India

Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) is a Government of India enterprise and is said to be the largest life insurance company and also the largest investor in the country. It was founded in the year 1956 and has been serving people ever since. The main objective of this corporation was to spread awareness about life insurance among financially backward people as well as urbanites. it gave you a way to save and buy affordable packages which would eventually be beneficial for you.

LIC of India has made its mark in the country for years. The main headquarters of LIC is in Mumbai with approximately eight zonal units and over 2048 branches established across the country. It has subsidiary groups in more than twelve other countries with the same objective in mind. It has helped millions of lives in the past 55 years.

The basic plan is that where the payment of a specified amount of money to the insured person is made, at the plan’s maturity, or to the family in the event of the insured person’s death. Often you don’t realize the importance of your life, LIC has made its prime objective to make sure people know the importance of their life and keep their future safe by investing in different policies of LIC as per their requirements. The insecurity of people is fully taken care of by the LIC.

Most of the policies do not care about the future of the individual. But LIC takes care of the whole endowment policy by providing a bonus that is accumulated with the policy. LIC offers various plans for its policyholders such as; Endowment plans, children plans, special plans for handicaps, money back plans, whole life plans, pension plans, group plans, health insurance plans. All these plans are specially designed for the welfare of the people.

Due to the formulated plans and objectives of the LIC Corporation, it has hit the mark where most insurance companies never reached. They have stayed as the biggest competitor and therefore have been termed as one of the biggest Life Insurance in the republic.

Important Dates:

  • LIC was founded on September 1, 1956, hence Every year LIC celebrates 1st September as LIC day and
  • The first week of September is Insurance Week.

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  1. i want to knw my father‘s policy status ., policy no.124629148 pls reply 9718985853these no.

  2. i am prince kumar want to take jeevan aanand d.o.b.23january 1984 .i take to policy for 31 years and for 2000000 rs.paying to halfyearly installment.iwant to know return status at maturity and paid amount in every six month.

    1. Hly Premium for Jeevan Anand Policy Rs. 20 Lacsw for 31 Years is Rs.31482.

      Maturity Value Rs, 75 Lacs 14,000 ( Bonus Rs. 2914000 + Final Additional Bonus 26 Lacs + 20 Lacs ( SA)

      and again 20 Lacs Insurance Coverage for 100 age free.

  3. policy no: 715047520

    above policy if surrender how much amount i will get .


  4. Dear Sir/Madam……. I regret to state that I hold a Policy No 113154922 of New Jeevan Akshay.The Policy with the Pension Plan of Rs 4509/-per month and an investment of Rs 5,40,000/- was started in 2001 Because of the poor response from ur side, I was left with no choice but to surrender my Policy on 22/05/2012.My grievance is that since Nov 2011 my cheques have been irregular and despite best efforts payments were not released on time.The payment from ur end is still pending from Feb2012 onwards. What kind of pension plan is such where the customer who has invested with u in lakhs has to suffer continuously and no outcome is rewarded.U r hereby requested to clear my dues immediately along with the amount invested with u. Plz take immediate action as I am unable to strech myself further. U CAN ALSO CONTACT ME AT 9811 450 249 OR E-MAIL AT


  5. Sunil Shingadia

    My policy no. is 890122059, my last premium will be in Nov 2012.
    Now I want to understand when it will get matur and when I will get amount?



  6. I am subscribing to Money Plus plan from last 5 years and paid 5 annual premium of RS.1,00,000/-P.A.(1 Lakh) and i want to know current status of my plan and i want to see sum assured of my plan on my email ID No.322289811).

    hoping for a favourable reply..

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