LIC Jeevan Tarang – The Best Whole Life Money Back Plan

LIC Jeevan Tarang is a whole Life Money Back Plan for you or your children. It gives you survival benefit of 5.5% of the sum assured GUARANTEED for LIFETIME This unique policy is a perfect financial planning tool for you or your child. Your child stays financially protected for life. you pay premium for only a short period – onetime or, 6,10,15 or 20 years. And guess what !! the policy then keeps paying you EVERY YEAR for your LIFETIME apart from Bonus at the end of period plus covers life for the lifetime! LIC’s life time money back policy A Deferred Annuity Plan.
For Example: If you go for Rs.10 lakh Sum assured policy then you would receive Rs.10 Lakh on maturity + Bonus + Rs.55000/- per year till you or your child is survive. That how unique this plan is.