Tradetron Review: Best Algo Trading For Beginners

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Algo trading is becoming popular in the Indian trader’s community. In developed markets, approximately 80-85% of trades are executed using algorithmic trading strategies. However, in India, the penetration of algo trading is still relatively low, at around 50-55%. This is likely due to the lack of awareness and understanding of the technology among Indian traders and investors. Nonetheless, as more traders become familiar with the technology, the use of algorithmic trading strategies in India will likely grow significantly.

What is Tradetron?

Tradetron is a cloud-based algo trading platform that provides you with the tools needed to create, backtest, and execute automated trading strategies. Through the use of advanced machine learning technology, Tradetron helps traders and investors to make better and faster decisions, reduce risk, and increase profits. Tradetron is an ideal algo trading platform for beginners.

Benefits of Automated Trading

Automated trading can provide many benefits to traders, investors, and developers. By using automated trading strategies, users can save time and money, as well as reduce their risk exposure. Automated trading can also provide traders with an edge in the market.

Why algo trading is better than manual trading?

  • Automated trading strategies can save time and money
  • Ability to backtest strategies before getting it live.
  • Reduced risk due to precise decision-making and avoiding Human psychology in trading.
  • Reduced human error due to automated execution
  • Automated trading strategies can be scaled and adjusted quickly
  • Ideal for working professionals who do not have time to sit in front of the computer.

Features of Tradetron

Algorithmic Trading

Tradetron uses advanced machine learning algorithms to automate traders’ decision-making processes. This helps traders to make more informed decisions in a fraction of the time it would take to do so manually. With Tradetron, users can create their own customized strategies, or use pre-built strategies from the Tradetron Marketplace.

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Backtesting and Execution

Tradetron also offers comprehensive backtesting and execution capabilities. Backtesting allows users to simulate strategies on historical data to test the accuracy and profitability of their strategies. Once a strategy is tested and optimized, users can then execute the strategy on a live environment.

Tradetron Marketplace:

Tradetron Marketplace offers access to a wide range of algo trading strategies. The Marketplace allows you to browse and subscribe to pre-built strategies from the marketplace, as well as create your own customized strategies. In Marketplace, you can see the capital required, maximum drawdown, and profits for past performances. Browse the strategy and deeply it in paper trading to see if they are worth it before taking it live.

Cloud-Based Platform

Tradetron is a cloud-based platform, meaning it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This allows users to remain connected to the markets even when they are on the go. Additionally, Tradetron’s cloud-based platform offers users a secure and reliable environment for their trading needs.

Algo Trading Strategy Deployment on Tradetron:

There are 4 types of deployment on Tradetron.

Paper Trading: You can run your strategy in a virtual environment, without any real trades being fired, so that no profits or losses are realized. This simulation is best used to check the logical sanity of the strategy.

Live Offline: Just like paper trading, this is a virtual environment, but you can get custom notifications via email/app notifications for each action in your strategy. We recommend you deploy a strategy on paper or live offline for at least three weeks before taking it live.

Live Auto One Click: Whenever there is a trade signal, you will be given a notification on the website and app. You can fire trades automatically only if you approve of the same trade by clicking the “Proceed” button. This is perfect for your first algorithmic trades of a new strategy.

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Live Auto: fully-automatic mode is meant for your entire trading system. Once you’re confident and comfortable with your risk appetite, you can leave your strategy on Live Auto. As suggested Paper trade your strategy for a month before taking it live.

Tradetron Pricing:

You can signup for Algo trading for a free plan and then upgrade if you think it’s worth it. The Plan starts from Rs.300.


Tradetron is a cloud-based algorithmic trading platform that provides traders with the tools needed to create, backtest, and execute automated trading strategies. Through the use of advanced machine learning technology, Tradetron helps investors to make better and faster decisions, reduce risk, and increase profits.

For those looking to automate their trading process, Tradetron is a great option. It offers a comprehensive set of features such as algorithmic trading, backtesting, and execution capabilities.

Tradetron Algo Trading

Tradetron Review: Best Algo Trading For Beginners
Tradetron Review: Best Algo Trading For Beginners
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