Endowment Policy

LIC Endowment Plus

LIC Endowment Plus

LIC’s Endowment Plus (Table No.802) is a unit linked Endowment plan which offers investment-cum-insurance during the term of the policy.
You can choose the level of cover within the limits, which will depend on mode and amount of premium you want to pay.

LIC Endowment Plus plan features at glance:

* Critical Illness Benefit
* Accident Benefit
* Partial withdrawals
* Loan on policy

Jeevan Amrit

Jeevan Amrit

Jeevan Amrit (Plan No.186) is designed to meet the needs of persons having high earning for short span, wherein the income may decrease or stop thereafter. During the period of high income, the premium paying capacity of such persons is quite high. The premium will be high during first year and thereafter premium comes down significantly i.e. to the extent of half or 1/3rd or 1/4of the first year premium. You can choose the policy term from 10 to 30 years. Under Jeevan Amrit plan premium payment is limited to 3 or 4 or 5 years. During PPT, the premium payable in subsequent years is higher than the premium payable during the first year.

Read Rest of the Jeevan Amrit details Here –> https://mypaisa.in/jeevan-amrit/

Jeevan Anand Endowment Plan

Jeevan Anand is the combination of Endowment Assurance and Whole Life plan.
The risk cover will continue even after the maturity, that means Zindagi Ke Saath Bhi Zindagi Ke Bad Bhi… Jeevan Anand plan no. 149 provides financial protection against death throughout the lifetime of the life assured with the provision of payment of a lump sum at the end of the selected term in case of his survival.

For Example: Mr. Pankaj, age 25 years, takes Jeevan Anand policy for 25 years for Sum Assured Rs. 1 lakh. Now on Maturity Pankaj will receive Rs. 2,12,500/- (Rs. 1 lakh sum assured Plus Rs.1,12,500/- is the estimated bonus at Rs.45/- per thousand per year.)

In case, Mr. Pankaj, dies ( After premium paying term is over) at the age of 60 years, his nominee will get additional Rs. 1 lakh equal to sum assured amount. Since Mr. Pankaj has already received the bonus, LIC will not pay second time bonus.

In case, Mr. Pankaj dies during the Premium Paying Term, his nominee will get Rs.1 Lakh (sum Assured) + Accrued bonus till Mr. Pankaj’s death.

Key Features:

1. Jeevan Anand is the combination of Whole Life and Endowment Assurance plan.
2. Even after the Premium Paying Term (PPT) is over, risk cover continues till the death of the policy holder.
3. Accident Benefit is available during the Premium paying term adn thereafter upto age 70.
4. Limited premium payments.
5. Double accidental cover upto age 70.
6. Tax Savings


Jeevan Pramukh – The Insurance Plans For High Worth Individuals

LIC’s Jeevan Pramukh (Plan No. 167) is the best plan for high worth individuals i.e. Managers, CEOs, corporates, professional, industrialist, estate owner, NRI, film stars etc. Jeevan Pramukh plan comes with convenient premium paying term of 3, 4 and 5 years. However, Life insurance cover continues for a longer term even after premium paying term.

Jeevan Pramukh also provides guaranteed addition of Rs.50/- per thousand Sum Assured per year for first 5 years and revisionary bonus thereafter in addition to your basic sum assured.