LIC Jeevan Saral Review

LIC Jeevan Saral Review

The 21st century has been an era of developments. People have been very innovative to bring out various new subjects or different plans in the market. Every individual requires a safe future, so even the life insurance Corporation has been innovative while considering the policy of the Jeevan Saral plan. If you are aware of your destination, the best plan which could help you is Jeevan Saral. This plan is made keeping in mind the needs of a common man like if you are looking for regular savings, or saving for capital, this policy would be your ultimate answer. This policy is an investment option that would keep you safe from not only death but also the risks of being empty because the market faces many ups and downs so to keep yourself safe this policy works.

The LIC Jeevan Saral Table no.165 is one such policy which as per my opinion won’t be neglected as per time. This policy is one way or another a tool for various small investors. There are various benefits provided such as liquidity which is the basic requirement of a person. The best part lies in the policy when during death the nominee is been provided with 250 times of the monthly premium paid by him adding the premium amount decided. And if the policy matures the insured is provided with the maturity amount and bonus if any.

Jeevan Saral is also known as ATM plan for its flexibility, as it allows you to withdraw a partial amount after the 10th year of being policy in force. You can utilize this feature whenever you need money after 10 years whether for a holiday or your child’s education. The policy is not at all expensive and very much affordable. One added feature is that if you are paying the premiums regularly for 3 years you are been provided an extended cover of 1 year as a bonus. We usually like making decisions for ourselves, same is the case with this policy, you aren’t forced to pay the premiums, and you can surrender at any time as per your wishes without paying any sought of penalty.

Normally you search about a policy the premiums are decided but in the Jeevan Saral, you are the one who decides about the premiums and then goes towards the maturity period. The minimum premium can be as low as Rs 250. This policy provided you a very high-risk cover at minimum cost. As per the details, the policy is useful who have a low budget but require all the features as well as the risk covers with low premiums as well as the flexibility of decisions. You are one way or the other been provided a number of benefits at a very low cost. So avail when you have the chance.

In short, LIC Jeevan Saral is the best plan in terms of risk cover, flexibility, and good return.

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  1. if i take a jeevan saral plan for 15 years with monthly premium Rs 4000. what will i get the returns after 15th years, also confirm with maturity amount details. My age is 37.

  2. Maine november 2009 mai 25000 Rs ki single premium market plus lic karwai thi..aj uski kitni return value aap mujhe btayen.

  3. sir,

    my age is 28 and i want to take jeevan saral plan, please tell me maturity amount i will get after 15,20,25 years.



    Dear sir,
    if u want to take any lic policy in Hyderabad, you can call me on 9030135851. This is Bhuban Bhusan LIC agent of Hitec city LIC satellite office under Mehdipatnam branch office. I am dedicated to serve better to my all customers.with regards

    Bhuban Bhusan Nayak or
    Mob No-9030135851

  5. what are the total returns if i pay a premium of 1000per month for 15 yrs my date of birth is 15/11/1986.plz tell me so that i can plan further

  6. sir. my name is jitendra serving in army, my dob is10 nov 1981, having jeevan saral policy with yrly premium of rs 36000/- since nov 2010 for 35 yrs. pl tell me what will i get after 20, 25 and 30 yrs and also tell me the formula to calculate with an example.
    wating for your reply
    yours jitendra, gwalior.
    ph no.8947960393

  7. sir. my name is jitendra serving in army, my dob is10 nov 1981, having jeevan saral policy with yrly premium of rs 36000/- since nov 2010 for 35 yrs. pl tell me what will i get after 20, 25 and 30 yrs and also tell me the formula to calculate with an example.

  8. hi sir, i started from january jeevan saral. annual premium 24500/- how much i will receive after 11 years ? plz tell me sir

  9. In Jeevan Saral plan I pay Rs-5000/- per month.
    Pl. let me know the approx. amt. I get after 20 years. Thanks.

  10. dear sir help my month 500 jeevan saral policyi on 2011open ditel chart my email id sends sir helpme.

  11. I can payy a premium of 1 Lacs into Jeevan Saral for 28 years as my age now is 32 (17/12/1979) how much i will get at the end of 28 years ? my age will be 60 years , also all the covers etc

  12. please send me detail about new bima gold age 28,26 year from 2011 normal riskcover Accident riskcover, Annual tax premium, net premium, returns from Lic, Net returns, Surrender value, totl loan available, summary about max risk cover (normal), max risk cover Accidental,total premium paid,total tax saved,net premium, net amount in hand after 12,16,18,20 years

  13. namaskar sir
    jeevan saral polici me 1000/ prati mah 20 sal tak dene par 20 sal par kitana milega
    janm tithi 06/08/1989

  14. sir this is venkat reddy i am working in LIC OF INDIA as a DSE thanks for chooing good plan this is very flexibilty plan in lic any reqvirments plz call 9666983792

  15. What is the Base of calculation of loyalty addition for Jeevan Saral Policy on maturity ?

  16. hi sir, i started from january jeevan saral. monthly premium 2,194/- how much i will receive after 15 years ? plz tell me sir

  17. My Date of Birth 20th May 1973
    Could youplease send me all my policy status
    chandran c
    Kokkunnon House
    Cherickode PO

  18. mahendra trivedi

    i want 15 lac/month for life time and life time insurance,

    and only singel premium…

    pl. send me detail…

  19. chandan chakraborty

    dear sir, i wish to buy a policy from lic ,table -165 i.e jivan saral atm age is 44 years .premium would be Rs.84070 per year adn SA 1750000, pls get me the real return after 10,11,12,13,14, or 15 years. pls it is vry much helpful for me to buying a policy.moreover,there are various plan but it is better bcaz after 10 years money may be required any time for my daughter’s marriage or higher education.pls help me.pls.i m waiting for ur response.
    chandan chakraborty
    kanchan pally
    ongc colony
    west tripura
    mobile no-9862272722

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